Discount Vision Plan at The Eye InstituteMany college and university students do not have a vision care benefit as part of their health coverage. The Eye Institute of The Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus/Drexel is pleased to offer the following discount eye care and eyewear benefit to college and university students.

The vision benefit includes the following components:

  • Fee reduction for routine comprehensive vision and ocular health evaluations
  • Reduction in contact lens fitting fees
  • Reduction in professional services at the William Feinbloom Low Vision Service
  • Reduction in professional services for Vision Therapy related services
  • Fee reduction for all specialty ophthalmology services (if not covered by medical insurance)
  • Discounts on all frames and lenses


Comprehensive Vision and Ocular Health Evaluation:

The comprehensive vision and ocular health evaluation includes the following components:

  • Complete ocular, vision and systemic history
  • External examination of the eye and adnexa
  • Gross visual field assessment
  • Basic sensory-motor examination
  • Eye pressure check
  • Dilated retinal examination

Benefit: Examination fee = $55.00 (a 44% reduction in the usual and customary fee)

Routine and Specialty Contact Lens Fitting Fees:

A contact lens fitting visit includes the selection of trial contact lenses that ensure good vision, lens performance, and patient comfort.

Benefit: Fitting fee = 20% reduction in professional fitting fees

Specialty Ophthalmologic Consultations

(For occasions when the patient does not have medical insurance)

Benefit: 30% reduction in usual and customary fees

Feinbloom Low Vision Services Professional Services:

Benefit: 20% reduction in usual and customary professional fees | 20% reduction in cost of optical aids

Ophthalmic Materials (frames and lens discount):

Benefit: Complete (select frames and lenses) single vision = $59.99
Complete (select frames and lenses) bifocals = $79.99
Entire frame and lens inventory: 30 % reduction in retail cost of frames and lenses


All full and part-time college students are eligible for this discount vision care benefit.

College students can receive the benefits defined in this vision care discount package by complying with the following:

  1. When making an appointment, indicate to the appointment representative you are a college student and would like to take advantage of The Eye Institute’s Discount Vision Plan for College Students.
  2. When checking in for your appointment, present your student identification card/badge.