School vision program screening numbersThe Eye Institute of Salus at Drexel University has partnered with Accelerate Health Equity (AHE) to support the Looking Out for Kids (LOFK) initiative of providing high quality, free to low-cost vision services to under-insured, uninsured, and economically disadvantaged children in K-12 public schools in the Greater Philadelphia region. Early vision care is arguably the most essential basic service young school students need. LOFK addresses this need by bringing care to underserved communities, serving students at their schools with operations tailored to the distinct needs of each school, as prioritized by school nurses.

With the help of a $5,000 grant from AHE, LOFK will offer an array of quality vision care services, including vision screenings, comprehensive exams, and corrective lenses, for students at two public schools in low-income Philadelphia neighborhoods: General George G. Meade and Kennedy C. Crossan elementary schools.

“This program has helped many of my students see, who otherwise would not have had the chance to have glasses. It has been a godsend. All the people who work at The Eye Institute, who come out to the schools, and who are on the vision van are the best. You cannot learn if you cannot see and you (Salus University/Eye Institute) all have made learning better and easier with glasses and caring.” - Lisa Simpson, RN, General George G. Meade School