eye examThe Eye Institute’s mission is to provide competent, comprehensive and patient centered vision care to all who seek services, while at the same time, providing the highest quality clinical education to optometric trainees.

The Eye Institute’s mission statement can be more comprehensively defined by three commitments, all considered co-equal:

  1. The Eye Institute and its staff are committed to providing quality eye care to all persons who seek their services. At all times, the care provided is patient centered and provided in a caring and compassionate manner.
  2. The Eye Institute and its staff are committed to the communities they serve. All persons are entitled access to quality eye care. The Eye Institute’s commitment to the visual well being of all persons, no matter race, age or socio-economic status, is exemplified by the care provided at all Eye Institute locations.
  3. The Eye Institute, as a teaching health center, is committed to providing the highest level of clinical training to future generations of optometrists. The training of optometric interns occurs through the professional mentoring and role-modeling structure the nationally respected clinical staff of The Eye Institute provides.

In pursuit of its mission, The Eye Institute offers a vast array of services to care for the visual needs of persons of all ages and services to manage routine and not so routine vision and ocular health problems.