If you are experiencing new or worsening eye or vision signs or symptoms, and you are a current Eye Institute patient, please call The Eye Institute Emergency Service, 215.604.4323, or if you are not an Eye Institute patient, contact your local hospital emergency room.

Eye Emergencies

The Eye Institute offers services for urgent and emergency eye care. These services are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by licensed doctors of optometry. Symptoms requiring prompt attention include, but are not limited to, sudden vision loss, seeing flashes of light, unusual light sensitivity, extreme pain and/or redness of the eyes with or without discharge.

During normal operating hours of The Eye Institute, patients requiring urgent or emergency care should report to the Emergency Service in The Eye Institute for emergency triage. If emergency care is required after hours, ONLY patients who have been examined at TEI in the past THREE years should call the after hours number: 215.604.4323. If you are NOT a TEI patient, care after hours should be sought at a local hospital.