Pediatric and Binocular Vision Service

A child’s ability to learn depends upon good vision and healthy eyes. Much of learning is visually based, and that is why the American Optometric Association recommends that every baby receive a vision examination between 6-12 months of age (​

The pediatric and binocular vision service of The Eye Institute offers a wide range of vision care services, including:

  • Complete optometric care for children, toddlers, and infants
  • Management of problems associated with eye focusing, eye alignment, depth perception, accuracy of eye movements, and binocular (two-eyed) vision in patients of all ages
  • Evaluation and treatment of visual information processing skills related to learning problems
  • Vision therapy, a personalized program designed to train the eyes to work together
  • Evaluation and non-surgical management of strabismus (turned eye)
  • Evaluation of the visual system following head trauma for children and adults