SLP student with clientFollowing the completion of an on-sight comprehensive assessment, an individualized treatment plan is developed to address the goals established in the evaluation.

​Client-centered treatment sessions include working directly with the client, as well as the parents or caregivers, and may occasionally employ group sessions with other clients with similar diagnoses and goals.

Sessions are typically held weekly, from one to three sessions per week, with sessions lasting from 30 minutes to one hour.

Home programs may be designed to help clients generalize and carryover strategies or skills learned during treatment sessions while in between appointments or during semester breaks.

Support Groups

SLI believes that the care of the client goes beyond the evaluation and treatment of various disorders. We offer an array of support groups for clients and their families that meet on a regular basis to discuss different topics and their impact on communication and swallowing in daily life. SLI’s group meetings are value-added, hosted by students under the guidance of the clinical faculty.

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Salus University Therapy Program

The Salus University Therapy Program provides comprehensive services to the graduate and professional students enrolled at Salus University. Services are also extended to the faculty and staff of the University and their immediate family members. Please contact the Clinical Director for more information.