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Six Things Parents Need to Know About Fireworks & Noise

In honor of the United States’ Independence Day, the Pennsylvania Ear Institute of Salus University would like to inform parents of six things they should know to reduce the risk of fireworks- related ear injuries and hearing loss in their children.

Avoid Swimmer's Ear & Enjoy Your Summer

Summer is here, which means more time for sun and fun at the beach and pool! While swimming can be great fun and fantastic exercise, it’s important to be mindful of a very common, yet painful infection - swimmer’s ear.

Q&A with Dr. Zorina Mikhelson

Dr. Zorina Mikhelson is a Clinical Audiologist at the Pennsylvania Ear Institute of Salus University. At a young age she had the desire to pursue a career in a health related profession, and ultimately decided to focus her attention and education towards a career in patient centered care as an audiologist.