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Ninth Annual Residents Day Celebration

The ninth annual Residents Day at Salus University was a major success, welcoming both on and off campus residents back to the Elkins Park, Pennsylvania campus on Saturday, May 18 to celebrate the residents’ near completion of their programs.

On campus resident Brandon GarcesThe festivities begin bright and early at 8 a.m. with resident lectures. Attendees chose between Posterior Segment of Anterior Segment-related presentations. After a short break, attendees returned to lectures, choosing between Glaucoma/Low Vision/Contact lens-related lectures or Neuro Ophthalmic Disease/Visual Science Potpourri-related lectures. All presentations were COPE-approved, thus providing attendees the opportunity to receive continuing education credits.

In the afternoon, the residents and attendees celebrated the completion of the presentations with a luncheon.

“I was a PCO/Salus Resident during the 2019-2020 year and was unable to participate in the traditional Residents Day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then I have wanted to ensure each resident gets to share the spotlight and highlight how much growth and learning has occurred over their residency year,” said Dr.Killen, Director of On-Campus Residency Programs. “The optometry profession is like an extended family and our PCO residency program exemplifies that. It was great to honor the hard work and dedication of each resident as well as their residency coordinators, the faculty, and their mentors. Dr. Mani and I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things these residents do after their year with us. We have no doubt they’re going to be the leaders of the next generation of optometrists.”

Off campus resident Ana Elizabeth AstrucAt the luncheon, the Bernard Blaustein Resident Excellence Awards were bestowed to on-campus resident Brandon Garces, and off-campus resident Ana Elizabeth Astruc.

“I feel honored to receive the award,” said Dr. Garces. “It makes me feel like my hard work has paid off and is recognized. It is a true blessing.”

Astruc attested to the impact of the recognition. “[The award means a lot and shows me that my hard work does not go unnoticed,” said Dr. Astruc. “My residency has made me more confident, with patient care, decision making, and also knowing when I need help. The Resident’s Day event is a great reminder of the support we have in the other residents and our community.”