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Six Developmental Benefits of Sensory Bins

Sensory toysSensory bins provide children with the opportunity to explore and learn through hands-on tactile play that engages their senses. These bins encourage and support various types of development and are great activities to have in your home. Sensory bins can be themed for holidays, seasons and academic skills.

Here are six benefits of sensory bins:

Opportunity for Sensory Exploration

  • Sensory bins stimulate multiple senses at the same time, including touch, sight, sound and smell. You can place small objects in a container of dry rice, pasta, beans or water.

Sensory binImprove Fine Motor Skills

  • Sensory bins can increase hand strength as children stir, scoop, dig and pour.
  • You can include tweezers, spoons and funnels to encourage tool use and develop grasp patterns needed for handwriting and managing feeding utensils.

Increase Socialization with Peers

  • Sensory bins can support social skills, such as taking turns, teamwork, cooperation and communication when used with others, including siblings and friends.

Person using a sensory binCognitive Development

  • Sensory bins can support cognitive development as children sort hidden items by size or color.
  • Putting number and letter shapes into the sensory bin can provide children the opportunity to learn the alphabet, their numbers and gain practice with counting and spelling.

Language Development

  • Talking with your child about hidden items provides an opportunity to expand language and develop vocabulary.

Calming Activity

  • Sensory bins can provide a quiet activity to help children calm down and play independently.