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Choosing Your Child’s Hearing Aids

Dr. Owen working with a pediatric patientWhen choosing a hearing aid for your child, there are many significant factors to consider before making this decision with them. The hearing aid they may need is dependent upon the type and severity of their hearing loss. Each style of hearing aid is different and can benefit one child better than the other. An audiologist will assist you and your child with the technical aspects of choosing a hearing aid, but there are other personal factors to consider.

Extracurricular activities and hobbies

Parents should think about the various activities their child is involved in, such as swimming, playing on a playground, or participating in sports. If your child is active in sports, their new hearing aid can take quite a beating. There are ways to prevent this wear and tear by using toupee/wig tape or hearing aid clips to ensure a snug fit and to prevent hearing aids from falling out. An accessory clip can also be attached to the hearing aid. It fastens onto clothing to prevent the hearing aid from falling on the floor or getting lost if it is removed from or falls out of the ear.


Children are constantly growing and developing at a rapid pace. Fortunately, hearing aid technology has advanced so the user can keep the same device and programming while their ears grow. As the child grows, they will be fit with new ear molds to customize the hearing aid. Behind-the-ear hearing aids are typically the best options for children because they can be easily adjusted when the child grows out of them.


Hearing aids will become a daily accessory for children, so their opinions should be considered.  Involve your child in picking out their hearing aids to make them more comfortable with the process. Children’s hearing aids and ear molds have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from – anything from hot pink with glitter to army print. Children can also personalize their hearing aids with charms or stickers of their favorite superhero or princess.

The Pennsylvania Ear Institute (PEI) of Salus University works with children and their families to find the right hearing aid for each child’s lifestyle and personality. PEI has pediatric audiologists dedicated to ensuring patients are comfortable with their devices and guide them through the entire process from examination to hearing aid selection, and follow up care, including maintenance and repair.