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Aphasia Support Group for Stroke Survivors

graphic of a brainThe Speech Language Institute (SLI) of Salus University will host an open house for its newly formed aphasia support group on Tuesday, July 11 from 12-1 p.m. at SLI, 8380 Old York Road, Suite 2100. Any and all family members and caregivers are welcome to join in this informative, educational, and supportive group.

The group is designed to assist both stroke survivors with aphasia and their loved ones. Aphasia – difficulty understanding and producing speech properly – is one of the most common speech-language deficits people may have after suffering from a stroke. According to one of the group’s creators, clinical educator Alison Finkelstein, MA, CCC-SLP, the goal of the support group is “to provide a forum for individuals with aphasia and their loved ones to participate in a social, informative, and supportive environment.”

Speech-language pathologists at SLI provide aphasia assessment and treatment plans for stroke victims. They can evaluate the client’s current deficit levels in speech-language and provide a customized treatment program tailored to each client’s individual needs. SLI is also a member of the National Aphasia Association.

To RSVP to the open house, or for more information about the aphasia support group, contact Ms. Finkelstein at or 215.780.3150.