Holiday Gifts to Encourage Good Communication

10192018_Salus_149(2).JPGThe holiday season is in full swing which means ‘tis the season to make your list, check it twice and head to the mall for the perfect gift. While high-tech devices such as tablets and smartphones are great options, there are concerns about how prolonged screen time can impact communication and language development especially in children.

Instead, here are a variety of non-tech alternatives available that can help promote good communication:
  • Traditional toys: Traditional toys such as blocks, dolls, shape-sorters and musical instruments can have a positive influence on language development. These classic low-tech toys help encourage children and parents to talk, sing, play and interact – building a strong foundation to good communication.
  • Books: Reading is a fundamental skill for every child to learn. For infants and toddlers, books with pictures and vibrant colors encourage both visual and cognitive stimulation. Older children can have books that are more engaging and also appropriate for their reading level.
  • Art supplies: Coloring books, clay, paint and other art supplies help children to learn and develop their fine-motor skills. Using their imagination to build and create also encourages innovation, imagination and communication.
  • Physical and outdoor activities: Bikes, scooters and skateboards oh my - physical movement is another way to spark conversation. These gifts encourage children and adults to head outdoors, explore nature and talk about what they see and discover.
  • Tickets to events: Tickets to family-friendly activities like sporting events, museums and shows allow parents and children to enjoy time together. These outings also promote family interaction, conversation and bonding. 
If you have concerns about your child’s language development, the Speech-Language Institute (SLI) offers an array of services. Speech-language pathologists can assess your child’s language skills and create a customized treatment plan to help improve communication. Schedule an appointment with an expert at SLI today by calling 215.780.3150.