It’s back-to-school time. While school supplies and new clothes are important, it’s also important to consider what your child may need to either prevent hearing loss or help if they are already experiencing it.young girl having hearing test

Here are some simple healthy hearing tips for your child’s return to school:
  • Turn Down the Headphones. When wearing headphones, sounds played at full volume can reach an average of 100-110 decibels. Consistent exposure to noise levels that high can lead to the risk of hearing damage. Encourage your child to lower the volume and give their ears a break from the noise. You can also make sure they wear noise cancelling headphones, instead of earbuds, in order to protect their hearing.
  • Hearing protection for sports. If your child is at the age to participate in contact sports or recess outside, you may want to provide ear protection for those times. A strong blow to the ear from a ball, hand, or other object can cause permanent damage to their ear drum and hearing loss. Wearing the proper protection can help prevent this from happening. If your child also participates in swimming during school hours, consider swimming ear plugs.
  • Hearing aid/cochlear implant accessories. Provide your child’s teacher with extra batteries, a dry kit, and cord clips for your child’s device, as well as instructions on how these items work. This will ensure there is already a backup plan in case anything happens to your child’s device during the school day.
  • Recognize the signs. Children with hearing difficulties may not realize they have an issue and are sometimes mistakenly perceived as unmotivated academically. It’s important for parents to know the warning signs. young boy having hearing test
    • Struggling to understand people speaking through masks
    • Trouble following lessons or instructions from teachers
    • Frequent responses of “Huh?” or “What?”
    • Complaints of noise or earaches
    • Turning up the television volume
    • Failing grades or reports that your child doesn’t respond in class 
  • Schedule a hearing test for your children. Having good hearing is crucial for school-aged children. Children must be able to hear their teachers, join in conversations, and hear cars when crossing the streets. Make sure your children are hearing all they should. 
For more information or to schedule an appointment for your child, call the Pennsylvania Ear Institute at 215.780.3180.