What are the Benefits of Crawling?

Crawling helps our babies develop balance, problem solving skills, coordination and strength, and explore their sensory system. It also helps them to strengthen muscles related to breathing, talking, and eating!

Floor Playbaby laying on back

Provide opportunities for baby to play on the floor on all sides of their body - tummy, back, left side and right side. Building up the muscles all throughout their torso will help them to develop the strength and stability needed to support their bodies when they crawl. 

Transitional Movements

Give baby time to learn how to sit up on their own and transition from sitting to on their belly and back without your help. This builds strength and gives them practice with motor planning (how am I going to go from here to there?).

Belly Crawling

This helps baby learn how to slide their arms and legs around while on their belly. Encourage belly crawling by dressing them in soft clothing and placing them on a slick floor (like the kitchen floor). This will make it easier for them to move around. Place toys around the floor to motivate them to move! 

Modelingbaby sitting outside

Meet your baby where they are! Sometimes your baby might need a good example to follow. Getting on the floor with your baby and joining in with playtime helps with bonding and they just might start to imitate what you do. 

Play Zone

Create a space within your home where anything goes! This can be in a Pack n' Play, a sectioned off part of the living room, even just a baby pool brought into the house. Everything in this space should be safe for baby to touch, climb on, and play with. A play zone encourages solitary play and gives baby the freedom to explore.


Motivate baby to move by giving them something to reach for like toys or even a mirror.  Seeing their reflection in a mirror may motivate baby to move towards it. Make sure to give positive verbal reinforcement and lots of affection especially when they succeed!