baby playing with bookToys with High Contrast

Toys with strong, contrasting colors or patterns help stimulate your baby's vision. As their visual system develops, they can gain more control of their movements and surroundings.

Messy Play

Activities that are messy and provide multi-sensory experiences can support the foundational skills needed for more complex learning. It helps them explore creativity and curiosity, strengthen fine and gross motor movements, and practice hand-eye coordination skills.

Cause and Effect ToysToddler playing with clay

Toys that are interactive, such as rolling a ball down a ramp or buttons that play a musical tune, shows a baby the relationship between their body and the environment. When they are exposed to cause and effect learning, they eventually can learn from themselves through their own experience with the world.

toddler playing with blocks

Mirror Play

Utilizing a mirror during play can help your baby identify familiar faces, visually track movements, strengthen head and trunk control, learn social-emotional cues, and develop self-awareness. You can add this into tummy time to motivate them to push up and study their face!