Bending & Lifting

  • bending & lifting iconBend knees and keep back straight
  • Lift by straightening the knees
  • Use wide stance when lifting heavy items to give yourself a wider base of support


  • Carry items close to your body as opposed to carrying with your arms extended
  • Hold items in front of you instead of on the hips or to the side of you
  • Keep back straight and bend knees to place large objects down

Neutral Positions are the Safest

  • As often as possible, keep joints in a neutral position to avoid pain
  • At a desk, follow the 90-90-90 rule
    • 90 degrees at the knees, hips and elbowstyping at computer
  • A common site of pain is in the wrist, especially for office workers, so try to keep it in a neutral position when typing and using a mouse

Respect Pain

  • If you are feeling pain, that is your body telling you that it needs a break
  • Sharp, stabbing, or shooting pain means you should change positions right away
  • Aching pain means you need to stretch and move your body in the opposite direction