Demolition Derby
Your toddler might become angry if their little sibling comes and topples over a block tower they just built but not if that's the point of the game! Framed this way, your older child may become excited to watch their younger sibling try and knock down what they have built.

Playing TeacherGrandparents and grandchildren
To help your baby meet their milestones, have your older child step in to teach them how to crawl, walk, talk, etc. Put on some music and turn it into a game! Encourage the older child by telling them how good they are at that specific activity so they feel recognized and important.

Involve in Baby Care
While you may not want your older child changing diapers or feeding the baby, allow them to get involved by soothing and stimulating the baby while you do the heavier duty tasks - making faces, singing, playing peek-a-boo. This will help you get those important tasks done and helps the kids bond at the same time!

Make Some Noisebaby playing with book
Kids love to make noise and music is a great way to help children develop concentration, language skills and facilitate motor skills development. Create some DIY instruments with pots and pans and let your kids create music together. Here is a great resource for DIY instruments you can make with your kiddos at home

The imitation game can also be played with sounds: Have the older sibling mimic the coos and noises their little sibling makes. Your big kid can even extend those oohs and aahs into words. This back-and-forth is how babies learn to talk and take turns in conversations so, by playing this game, your older sibling is creating the building blocks for your baby’s future babbling!