Carlo Pelino, OD, FAAO


  • Professional Staff, Primary Care and Retinal Service
  • Chief, Chestnut Hill Location

Areas of Interest: 

  • Comprehensive Eye Care
  • Ocular disease
  • Retinal disease

About Dr. Pelino:

Dr. Pelino received a Bachelor of Science degree from Gannon University in 1990.  He entered the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) in 1990 and received his Doctor of Optometry degree in 1994.  After graduating from PCO,  Dr. Pelino did post-graduate residency training at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia.  His residency training had an emphasis in ocular disease.

Following residency training, Dr. Pelino joined the clinical faculty at The Eye Institute of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, where he holds the rank of  Assistant Professor.  In 2005 Dr. Pelino did a clinical fellowship with Dr. Stephen Sinclair, a highly regarded Vitreo-Retinal Specialist in Delaware County.  Dr. Pelino’s fellowship training had and emphasis on medical and surgical management of vitreo-retinal diseases.  In addition to caring for patients in the adult primary care service of The Eye Institute, Dr. Pelino also has a referral retinal practice.

Dr. Pelino is a fellow in the American Academy of Optometry and a member of the Optometric Retina Society. He lectures extensively in his areas of interest (e.g. internal and external ocular diseases) in both domestic and international programs. 



Dr. Carlo Pelino 
Since he started working at The Eye Institute over 17 years ago, Dr. Pelino’s professional growth and interests have been in understanding the eye as a reflection of what is happening elsewhere in the body. Specifically, changes in the retina—the light sensitive layer of the eye—can often provide great insight into a patient’s health. His interest in the retina began during his residency in 1994, but really blossomed when he had the opportunity to work closely with a distinguished retinal surgeon ten years later. “My retinal fellowship training provided me with an opportunity to build on the knowledge and expertise I gained in my residency,” Pelino said.

Dr. Pelino fully understands how clinical findings in the back of the eye (the retina) are a reflection of what is happening throughout the body. “What you find in the retina allows you to make correlations and conclusions about what is happening with the rest of a patient’s health,” he said. “For example, you can look in the eye and know if the patient’s diabetic condition is under control.”  

Furthermore, Dr. Pelino believes the doctor-patient relationship is the most important aspect of providing vision care. He strives to provide compassionate and competent care to all, and knows listening to his patients is key. Mr James Tammaro, a long time patient of Dr. Pelino’s, not only relies on his expertise, but also appreciates his warm and compassionate personality. “He’s a great doctor and I wouldn’t go to anyone else,” Tammaro said. Tammaro suffered a retinal vein occlusion several years ago. While golfing, his golf ball appeared brown because of the hemorrhage associated with the vein occlusion. Dr. Pelino made the diagnosis as well as an immediate referral for laser surgery. “I have all the confidence in the world in him and feel very confident at The Eye Institute,” Tammaro said.

Part of Dr. Pelino’s responsibilities include training young interns to be the next generation of eye doctors. The influence teachers have on their students can be immense.  Timothy Brown, a former intern at The Eye Institute, calls Dr. Pelino an inspiration. Brown, a South Carolina native, describes Dr. Pelino as an excellent teacher and clinician. “His lectures prepare us to be better doctors. In addition, he is a caring doctor that is a great role model,” said Brown.  

At a recent summer conference attended by practicing doctors and interns from other educational programs, Brown and other interns were proud to hear rave reviews about Dr. Pelino’s lecture. “He really made a positive impression on the practicing optometrists in attendance,” Brown said.   The interns training at The Eye Institute and the patients he cares for are both benefiting from Dr. Pelino’s experience, expertise, and caring demeanor.