TEI Doctors and Staff Celebrate Holiday Season

TEI Doctors and Staff Celebrate Holiday Season

Doctors and staff of The Eye Institute (TEI) of Salus University were honored for their years of service at the University’s annual holiday party. The festive celebration was held Friday, December 15 at the Hafter Student Center on the University’s Elkins Park campus.

University president Dr. Michael H. Mittelman presented awards, recognizing those with five or more years of service. A number of TEI doctors and staff members were among the service award recipients.
  • 5 years: Venita Cromartie; Dr. Michelle Britchkow
  • 10 years: Tiffany White; Dr. J. Mark Snyder; Alycia Miller; Lyvonia Fennell
  • 15 years: Celeste Tucker; Deborah Anderson
  • 25 years: Geraldine Cunningham
  • 30 years: Dr. Jean Pagani; Dr. Maria Parisi
  • 35 years: Dr. Mitchell Scheiman; Marcy Graboyes
  • 40 years: Dr. Jeffrey Nyman; Dr. Richard Brilliant

Seasonal decorations filled the room and staff members were adorned in their holiday best. The fun-filled afternoon also featured a gourmet buffet, festive games, raffle prizes, dancing and plenty of good cheer.

Door Decorating Contest at TEIThe festive celebrations continued on December 18 and 19. Staff members at TEI along with the Pennsylvania Ear Institute (PEI) and the Speech-Language Institute (SLI) competed in a holiday door decorating contest.

The contest entries were judged based on their level of creativity and how well they embraced the holiday spirit.

TEI winners
1st place: Drs. Jenewein & Labib - “The night before Christmas at TEI”
2nd place: Administrative Staff (decorated by Marisa Jones) - “A Cornea Christmas”
3rd place: Drs. Kenny & DeMoss – “Happy Low Vision Holidays”
SLI & PEI winners:

1st place (tie): PEI - “Have Yourself an Audiology Christmas” and SLI - “An International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Christmas List”
2nd place: SLI - “Singing Loud for all to Hear”
3rd place: PEI - “A Classic Christmas Scene”

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