TEI Renovations 2018
The Eye Institute (TEI) has been going through some changes recently. If you’ve had an eye exam or have gone to pick up your prescription glasses, you would have noticed new walls, blocked areas and construction going on in the patient waiting areas. These changes will help us service our patients better.

Below is some more information about the project.
  • We are expanding the number of exam rooms from 45 to 49.  The four new exam rooms will be where the old Pediatric Waiting Room was located.
  • We’re renovating the center area by the main waiting area and making it into the new Pediatric Waiting Room.
  • The four new exam rooms will give us more space to provide additional appointments in our Specialty Services, such as Low Vision, Neuro-Ophthalmic Disease, Cornea and Specialty Contact Lens, and our Glaucoma Service.
  • The new rooms will be used by Pediatrics, and the Specialty Services will start using the old Pediatric exam rooms in the back hallway, adjacent to the Specialty Services exam rooms.
  • The renovation will also provide TEI with three new, large multipurpose rooms that will be used for infant exams, perceptual assessments, emergency patient triage, and prescreening devices.
  • The contractors initially started work on April 30, and should be finished with the construction by June 15.  Once the construction is completed, we’ll start installing new equipment for the additional exam rooms.