Hearing loss can be difficult to detect in children who aren’t always able to express the source of their difficulty. There are a number of signs to look for if you’re concerned that your child may be suffering from a hearing loss.

In Newborns/Infants:
  • Not startling at loud noises
  • Not recognizing your voice
  • Not moving their eyes in the direction of sound
  • Lack of babbling
  • Lack of crying for different needs
  • Doesn’t vocalize excitement or displeasure
  • Around seven months to a year, hasn’t spoken one or two words
  • Unable to point to different body parts when asked
  • Doesn’t enjoy being read to
  • Doesn’t understand action words like “run” or “sit”
  • Sits close to the television
  • Unable to form simple sentences
  • Doesn’t ask or can’t answer “why?” or “what?” questions
School Age Children: Turning up the television to an excessive volume
  • Saying “what?” frequently
  • Only responding when eye contact is made
  • Cannot identify where sounds are coming from
  • Is exhausted at the end of school from concentrating to understand speech
  • Shows signs of behavioral problems or social difficulties
  • Experiences problems keeping up at school or grades start slipping
  • Withdrawing socially              
The Pennsylvania Ear Institute’s pediatric audiology services assist children of all ages, from birth through adulthood. Our specialists utilize some of the latest technologies and techniques to diagnose hearing loss and provide effective recommendations for treatment. If you believe your child has experienced hearing loss, contact us today for a comprehensive hearing evaluation. To request an appointment with the Pennsylvania Ear Institute, click here or call 215.780.3180.