Checkup: A yearly checkup for your ears is as important as a checkup for your eyes. The quality of your hearing does not remain constant over time - it changes as you age. An audiologist can provide a complete evaluation.Woman having ear exam

Excessive Earwax: Earwax is beneficial. It is self-cleaning, protects the inner ear, and moisturizes the ear. Cotton swabs and ear candling are examples of ways people use to clean the wax that can cause the wax to become more imbedded. If you have excessive earwax, make an appointment with your audiologist to have it properly removed.
Tinnitus: Tinnitus is a buzzing, whistling, whining, or screeching noise in head or ears when there is no corresponding noise present. In many cases this condition is a consequence of hearing loss and something that audiologists can help alleviate, often with the help of a hearing aid.earwax removal

Sudden Hearing Loss: Sudden hearing loss can occur for a variety of reasons: earwax buildup, perforation of the eardrum, damage to the ear, and damage to the brain from a traumatic injury. Sudden hearing loss is always an emergency and people who experience it need to see an audiologist right away.

Recognizing the varying levels of hearing loss can be a challenge, but these signs should serve as signals for people to see their audiologist:
  • You need to turn the television up louder than others say is comfortable. Woman having ear exam

  • You have a problem hearing on the phone or hear better in one ear than the other when on the phone.

  • You have to frequently ask people to repeat things. 

  • You have difficulty hearing what people are saying in a crowded restaurant or room. Hearing loss is more pronounced in social situations where there is an increase in background noise.

  • People sound like they’re mumbling when they talk to you.

  • You avoid social situations because you are uncomfortable communicating with others.

The Pennsylvania Ear Institute (PEI) offers comprehensive hearing evaluations and individualized treatment plan options. For more information on PEI’s services or to make an appointment, call 215.780.3180.