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Do you want to hear better for the holidays? Our audiologists can help!

Top SIX Considerations Before Purchasing Hearing Aids 

1. Types of Hearing Loss 

A hearing evaluation will determine your type and degree of hearing loss. 

2. Lifestyle 

Your individual hearing loss, activity level and overall lifestyle will impact the recommended aids. 

3. Price 

Differences in technology and hearing aid features will impact the cost of hearing aids. 

4. Service and Maintenance 

Hearing aids typically last several years, so it is important to understand your service coverage and manufacturer's warranty. 

5. Warranty 

Most hearing aid purchases come with a manufacturer's warranty that may include a loss and damage replacement policy. 

6. Hearing Healthcare Professionals 

Audiologists have advanced degrees and are experts in all aspects of hearing healthcare, while hearing aid specialists are only certified to dispense hearing devices. 
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