OT's putting on hand braceThe Occupational Therapy Institute (OTI), the clinical facility for the Department of Occupational Therapy, recently opened for patient care. Located in West Oak Lane within The Eye Institute, OTI is Salus University’s newest clinical facility, joining The Eye Institute, Pennsylvania Ear Institute and Speech-Language Institute.

Occupational therapy (OT) as a profession, is a client-centered and individualized therapy aimed at creating, maintaining or regaining independence for clients. OTs are skilled at assessing the client, their environment and the supports and barriers that limit or challenge their ability to complete their daily activities. OT’s work with children, adults, families and caregivers/care-partners and can support individuals with a variety of diagnoses, injuries, and chronic health conditions. Whether you are having some difficulty dressing after a recent stroke, your child is experiencing some difficulty with their hand writing or you want to ensure you can age in your own home, occupational therapy can help.
OT assessing patient rangeOTI will provide occupational therapy services while providing a valuable clinical experience to graduate students in the Department of Occupational Therapy. Many students may have the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the services provided by OTI whether by completing a fieldwork experience or more indirectly by creating client education materials, and researching local resources that could benefit clients.

OT with child & ballThe clinical facility offers full pediatric and adult assessments and screenings with individual and group intervention sessions to promote increased independence in activities associated with daily living, including feeding, bathing, dressing, household management, education, play and social participation and supports for families and caregivers/care-partners. The clinical facility will also offer clients, community members and the Salus community assistance with navigating COVID-19 vaccination registration and eligibility criteria and act as a resource to guide informed decision making on the COVID-19 vaccine.

There will be no charge for services at this time, and both in-person and telehealth appointments are available by request. If you or a loved one need occupational therapy services, more information or support with navigating the COVID-19 vaccination registration process, contact us today.