While we all know that risk of falling can increase with age and decreased activity, many people do not know that recent medication changes, surgery or illness can increase your risk of falling as well.

Here are some quick tips to help you avoid a fall:

Improve Lighting in Your Home
  • Make sure you have well-lit pathways both inside and outside your home
  • Use motion-activated night lights on your path from your bed to the bathroom for late night bathroom breaks

Consider Home Modifications
  • Install grab bars in your tub or shower if you have noted changes in your balance or have frequent medication changes
  • Make sure your inside and outside handrails are sturdy
  • Use non-skid strips on stairs and secure area rugs
  • When in doubt, call a professional if you feel you need assistance with any home modifications
OTI home modifications

Avoid Clutter
  • Use the “30 Seconds or Less” rule
    • Tasks that take 30 seconds or less should be completed right away
  • Think twice before buying an item

Stay Fit and Healthy
  • Call your health insurance company to ask if they cover gym memberships or visits to see a nutritionist
  • Set alarms to take medication as prescribed or help you to drink more water

Wear sturdy shoes with a back and non-skid soles

If you are feeling unsteady, email us at OTI@salus.edu to schedule a free screening or appointment today!