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Community Education

Upcoming Events
Center on the Hill - Decluttering Class (2/25/2021)
  • Streamline both your home and virtual environments with practical tips and tricks for organization. Discussion focuses on what to keep, what to donate and what to trash! To register, please call Mariangela Saavedra at 215.247.4654 or email msaavedra@chestnuthillpres.org.
Login to Life Health and Wellness Series
  • A program designed to create awareness about our relationship with social media, provide strategies to mitigate digital overuse and maximize life balance in a digital world. The program has synchronous and asynchronous sessions, handouts, and practical resources that will encourage you to sign out of your phone and Login to Life! View the group here.
Past Events
Center on the Hill - Virtual General Home Safety Class (1/28/2021)
  • Easy strategies and products to simplify daily activities and improve safety and promote independence in the home.