Infant Eye Care

A critical component of a child’s ability to see and learn is healthy eyes and good vision. Because infant vision can can be impaired with no obvious sign, babies need their first eye exam by age one to avoid developmental delays. Only a skilled eye care provider can detect conditions to ensure not only that both eyes function well, but also measure your baby’s vision, eye alignment and eye health precisely.

What’s the difference between a pediatrician vision screening and an eye exam for an infant by a Pediatric Eye Specialist?

Pediatrician Vision Screening          
(light reflex test)          

Eye Exam by Pediatric Eye Specialist
(measures vision, glasses prescription, eye alignment,
dilates eyes, microscopic evaluation)
Large crossed eye           All eye turns: in, out, up, down
Large congenital cataract           All causes of lazy eye: droopy eyelid, difference in glasses
          prescriptions between eyes
Large growth defects           Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism
            Eye teaming
            Eye problems related to premature birth
While a screening from a pediatrician detects 50% of vision problems that may be present, an eye exam by a Pediatric Eye Specialist detects 99% of vision problems.

Always be sure and schedule your infant’s eye exam at The Eye Institute Pediatrics and Binocular Vision Service at 215.276.6000.