Celebrating World Optometry Week

54525728_10157188612553308_3222256663582998528_n.jpgWorld Optometry Week was kicked off by #WorldOptometryDay, celebrated on March 23. The dedicated week has continued to celebrate optometry – the healthcare profession that involves examining the eyes and visual systems for defects or abnormalities – as well as optometrists who provide care daily to patients at The Eye Institute.

Optometrists provide comprehensive eye and vision care including refraction and dispensing; detection and diagnosis; management of disease in the eye; and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system. They also can specialize in vision therapy; sports vision; low vision; and contact lenses.

We asked The Eye Institute (TEI)’s doctors for their thoughts on optometry as part of the celebration:

“The bright-eyed smile you get when a child puts on their first pair of glasses....that is why I love what I do…” Dr. Brandy Scombordi, pediatric optometrist at TEI said.

"I specialize in a field called low vision,” Dr. Erin Kenny, chief of the William Feinbloom Low Vision Rehabilitation Center, said. “I love this specific aspect of optometry because it is so rewarding helping patients who are visually impaired become more independent."


“Vision is one of the most important senses - and I get to help patients attain and preserve their most optimal vision,” Dr. Bisant Labib, co-chief of the Primary Care Services at TEI said. “And better yet, I get to help future optometrists find their passion for it as well.”