Dangerous Cosmetic Contact LensesThe federal government is warning that imported counterfeit cosmetic contact lenses are flooding the market just in time to cause Halloween havoc.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sounded the alarm in a news release warning consumers to avoid the lenses typically sold at seasonal holiday-themed and novelty stores, street vendors and online without an examination from a licensed eye doctor or a prescription. They are linked to numerous optical conditions ranging from infections to conjunctivitis and impaired vision. The Eye Institute (TEI) joins the call to buy only contact lenses, which are regulated by the FDA, from a licensed eye care professional (including retailers) who requires a prescription.

"Never buy contact lenses from a source that does not require a prescription from a doctor. Wearing lenses that don’t require a prescription can put your eye health at major risk, and can even lead to irreversible sight loss," said Dr. Kriti Bhagat, contact lens specialist at TEI. "There's still time to visit an eye doctor for a consultation if you're interested in contact lenses for Halloween. Don't put your lifelong sight at risk for one night."  

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