What’s the Difference Between these Eye Care Professionals?

Optician: An eye care professional who designs, fits, and dispenses eyeglass lenses, frames, or other devices to correct vision based on the optometrist’s eye exam and prescription. They perform eye measurements help patients select eyeglass and lens treatments including tints and coatings.

Optometrist: Primary eye care doctors who diagnose, manage and treat eye conditions such as vision problems and glaucoma, as well as eye infections and other conditions. They prescribe glasses/contact lenses, medical treatment including drug or vision therapy, and collaborate with other doctors.
Ophthalmologist: Specialized medical doctors that diagnose, manage and treat eye conditions, especially those involving systemic and surgical management. They also repair traumatic injuries to the eye and perform cataract and corneal surgery, as well as treat conditions of the retina.

At The Eye Institute (TEI), we see patients who range from infants to seniors and are exposed to a wide range of eye diseases and conditions not typically encountered at other practices.

Optometric students are able to collaborate with optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians, and optometric technicians to deliver the highest quality of eye care. Our mission at TEI entails providing competent, comprehensive and patient-centered vision care to all who seek services.

Services include:
  • Comprehensive eye exams
  • Optical/Contact lens services
  • Low vision/vision rehabilitation
  • Specialty eye care
  • Vision therapy