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As of June 30, 2024, our clinical facilities will become a part of Drexel University. While this transition may bring about some changes, we want to assure you that our primary focus remains unchanged - providing you with the highest quality healthcare possible. Our dedicated team of providers will continue to be an integral part of the clinical facilities, ensuring continuity of care and preserving the strong relationships we have built with you over the years. From routine to specialized treatments, you can rest assured that your health is still in good hands.

The Eye Institute

Providing comprehensive pediatric and adult vision care services, low vision and rehabilitation services, specialty contact lenses and designer eyewear to the Philadelphia area. Learn More

Pennsylvania Ear Institute

Providing a comprehensive array of services related to the evaluation, rehabilitation, and prevention of hearing impairment with the most advanced diagnostic and rehabilitative services. Learn More

Speech-Language Institute

Providing a wide range of pediatric and adult comprehensive evaluations, individualized treatment options, and a variety of support groups for individuals with communication and swallowing disorders. Learn More