On Friday, December 14, Dr. Lindsay Bondurant, director of the Pennsylvania Ear Institute and Robert Serianni, director of the Speech-Language Institute, held a joint Grand Rounds lecture called “The Confused Patient – A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure for Interprofessional Collaboration” at The Eye Institute’s (TEI) Oak Lane campus. In the case, they reviewed for the doctors in attendance, an elderly patient at TEI was struggling to understand case history questions and seemed confused. Those in attendance were asked to decide whether the patient was experiencing hearing loss, signs of dementia, or something else entirely. The two presenters proceeded to explain the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms of hearing loss and dementia, the reasons why all healthcare professionals should be concerned, and next steps. They concluded by discussing why collaborative efforts are incredibly important to help ensure quality services and beneficial outcomes for all patients.

Grand Round sessions are open to local eye care providers at no charge. COPE approval has been submitted for each session, which are held in the Toland Classroom on the upper level of The Eye Institute from 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

The goals of the program are to develop a network of professionals in order to share information and strengthen clinical knowledge, foster professional development in the optometric community and provide Continuing Education opportunities to alumni and friends of Salus University. 

Grand Rounds Schedule