PEI Wraps Up Coffee Talks Lecture Series

Coffee Talks at PEIThe Pennsylvania Ear Institute (PEI) concluded their very first “Coffee Talks” lecture series on January 25.

Each session over the course of three weeks featured a mini lecture from one of PEI’s expert audiologists on specific hearing and balance related topics. Dr. Elizabeth Sedunov began the series with her lecture on hearing aids.

During her session, Dr. Sedunov reviewed the latest styles and technology available for hearing aids and assistive listening devices. While these devices are a great solution to treat hearing loss, she stressed the importance of having realistic expectations.

“They can really improve how you hear in a lot of different environments but just know that it won’t be perfect,” said Dr. Sedunov. “When it comes to hearing aids or assistive listening devices, having realistic expectations can do wonders for how much you succeed.”

Dr. Rebecca Blaha followed up with the second session on tinnitus. The condition, which is commonly referred to as a ringing in the ear, is the sensation of hearing a sound when there is none present.

“Usually around the age of 60 is when people start to notice some type of ringing in their ears,” said Dr. Blaha. “Oftentimes, those people will also have hearing loss but they don’t make that connection.”

While there is no cure, Dr. Blaha offered useful methods that can help manage the condition - strategies such as counseling and sound therapy are effective in minimizing a patient’s awareness to the noise and reducing their stress.

Balance Talk with Dr. Bre MyersRounding out the series, Dr. Bre Myers lectured on balance. She reviewed the importance of the vestibular system, its impact on hearing health and risk factors that can influence balance.
“There are many factors that can affect balance including muscle strength, visual deficits, cognitive issues, and even certain medications,” she said. “We look at all of these factors to determine where the issue lies.”

Dr. Myers also discussed treatment options including vestibular rehabilitation, which utilizes various exercises to help diminish symptoms such as dizziness and improve overall balance.

During each lecture, attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions and complimentary hearing screenings were also provided before and after each session. Many who attended say they walked away with a wealth of new knowledge.

“My wife and I decided to attend together. As I was listening to the doctor, I realized that a lot of the things she described were issues that I’ve been experiencing. I’m so glad I came because I received a lot of helpful information,” said Robert Witherspoon.

“A lot of times as we age, things change and we don’t always understand what’s going on,” said Millicent Witherspoon. “It was very informative to learn about how important hearing is to your overall health.”

Along with comprehensive hearing exams, PEI offers a variety of services related to hearing aids, tinnitus management and balance. For more information on PEI’s services or to schedule an appointment, please call 215.780.3180.