Holiday Gifts for Those with Hearing Loss

04112017_SU-TEI_338.JPGThe holiday season is here and for many people that means searching high and low to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. However, for those with loved ones who have hearing loss or hearing difficulty, this search can be a challenge.
Here are some easy gift ideas for various ages to help make this year’s shopping season a little simpler:
  • Children: It may not be at the top of your child’s holiday list but books are a great, practical and educational gift option – from traditional titles to eBooks to coloring books. If you’re looking for a more tech-savvy selection, many toy companies are creating new products that have children with hearing loss in mind. In fact, just last year American Girl offered its customers the option to customize any of their dolls with a hearing aid.
  • Teens: If you have a teenager on your holiday shopping list, wireless earbuds are a great idea. There are various models and styles available and most are equipped with sound enhancement software and additional features like sports tracking. If your teen wears a hearing aid, consider purchasing additional accessories that can connect with their devices. Smart watches are also a fun and popular choice as well.
  • Adults: For adults with hearing loss, a vibrating or wake-up light alarm clock makes for a useful and inexpensive gift. Television listening devices are also very practical as they can help those with hearing loss follow along with their favorite shows. Somewhat newer gift options to consider are digital doorbells. These devices can connect to a normal front door and allow for video footage from the outside to be streamed directly to a user’s phone. 

Just in time for the holiday season, the Pennsylvania Ear Institute (PEI) wants to give the gift of hearing to as many people as possible. Through the “Hear for the Holidays” campaign, PEI is offering a 10 percent discount on hearing aid purchases. For more information or to schedule an appointment for the “Hear for the Holidays” campaign, please call 215.277.2315.