Hearing Aid Cleaning and Repair Made Simple

04032018_Sal-TEI_122.JPGHearing aids are an important investment, not only for your hearing health, but also for your social and emotional well-being. Taking good care of your hearing aids helps ensure that they function properly and prolongs their lifespan.

One of the most common reasons hearing aids require repair is due to a buildup of wax or moisture that can block the microphone, receiver (speaker) or internal components of the device. Keeping your hearing aids clean can improve sound quality and comfort.

To maintain the cleanliness of your devices, check the wax traps to make sure they are clear and free of debris. You should also wipe your hearing aids with a soft cloth about once a week and never use alcohol, solvents or cleaning agents. 

Secondly make sure to always keep your hearing aids dry and free from moisture. Hearing aids should not be kept in the bathroom because of the humidity. Instead, you should store your devices in a clean, dry place with the battery door open, and remember to take them off before swimming or showering.

Lastly, hearing aids are fragile, so take care not to drop or crush them. It’s also recommended that you make an appointment twice a year to have your audiologist check how well your devices are functioning. If you take proper care of your hearing aids, they can last for five years or more.

If your hearing aids are not functioning properly or you find that they are in need of repair, PEI recently introduced a Hearing Aid Repair Clinic (HARC) to make device drop-offs and pickups more convenient.  Current patients are welcome to drop-off their hearing aids on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons without the need for an appointment.
Patients will receive a follow-up phone call within a week giving an update regarding the repair status. HARC is for repairs and troubleshooting only, if your device requires reprogramming then an appointment would be needed. For more information on PEI’s hearing aid services, please call 215.780.3180.