Clinical Trials Research

Research is an essential part of the SIMR program. Our goal is to produce research that will help guide clinical care. Current projects include studies of the prevalence of vision disorders, the effectiveness of treatment, and the development of a symptom survey.

Current Research Projects

Objective Assessment of the Effectiveness of Vision Therapy for the Treatment of Concussion-Related Convergence Insufficiency 

This is a study of patients 9 years of age and older (no upper age limit). Instead of traditional clinical measures of eye muscle function, in this study, the eye movements are electronically recorded and provide objective measurements of eye muscle function. The goal is to determine the effectiveness of treatment and the underlying mechanism of the disorder.

Contact Mitchell Scheiman, OD for more information.

Prevalence of Vision Disorders after Acquired Brain Injury

This study is designed to determine the prevalence of vision problems after acquired brain injury at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital.

Contact Lynn Trieu, OD for more information.

Saccadic Eye Movement Dysfunction as an Indicator of Persistent Post-Concussion Impairment

This study is designed to look at the value of objective saccadic eye movement assessment to indicate the presence of post-concussion problems. 

Contact Lynn Trieu, OD for more information.