Are Your Eyes Prepared for the Solar Eclipse on August 21?

Are Your Eyes Prepared for the Solar Eclipse on August 21?Monday, August 21, 2017, marks the first time a total solar eclipse will be visible only in the US. People from all over the world will be traveling to get a glimpse of the historic celestial event, but many may not realize how damaging it can be for their eyes.

What is the Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, blocking all or part of the sun. During the brief period of a total eclipse, the moon fully covers the sun only exposing its outer atmosphere, resembling a halo around the moon in front of it. While an eclipse will be visible throughout the US for about two to three hours, only a portion of the country – states stretching from Oregon through South Carolina – will experience a total solar eclipse.

How an Eclipse Damages Vision

Protecting your Eyes during a Solar EclipseLooking directly at an eclipse or at the sun even for a short period of time can cause severe vision damage. Viewing an eclipse without protection can destroy the light-sensitive rods and cones in the eye, and unfortunately can cause retinal burns or even blindness. The only safe way to view an eclipse is using specialized glasses or tools.
Dr. Carlo Pelino, chief of The Eye Institute’s Chestnut Hill satellite office said there may be some noticeable side effects if someone views the eclipse unprotected.
“They may complain of blurry vision, a missing spot in vision, vision that’s wavy and may have headaches,” he said.
According to Dr. Pelino, depending on the length of time and the extent of the eclipse’s damage to the eye, one’s retina may repair itself over time, or it may be permantetly damaged.

Solar Eclipse Glasses at TEI

Protecting Your Eyes During a Solar Eclipse

The only safe way to directly view the sun is through filters specifically designed for this purpose. The Eye Institute is providing free solar eclipse glasses to encourage safe viewing.

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